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The school was founded twenty-three years ago, and has been attended by over nine hundred students. The Association was established in 2020.

Our goal,
To provide a place where children can learn Thai language and culture. To provide follow-up and academic support through excellent teaching. To enrich their knowledge and reinforce their confidence and autonomy.



Saturday September 5, 2020 is the first day of the Thai language and culture school in Geneva for the school year (academic year) 2020-2021. At the beginning the parents received an introduction to the school.



2019 - 2020

Learn Thai

Learn Thai and have cultural integration.

Provide your children knowledge of Thai culture through an understanding of the Thai language. Your children will be better able to express themselves within their family and enjoy experiences in their country of origin. Afford them this universe of sounds and colours. A welcoming community in the land of smiles. Show them the strengths and advantages they will enjoy. Support them so that they understand the importance of this language. What could be nicer than going to your country of origin and being able to speak its language. With family, for business, for travel, for vacation, including all possibilities for exchange and dialogue.